Using Those Hair Doughnut Things For Buns (43 posts)

So I got one of those hair doughnuts after a friend showed off a fabulous bun at an event over the weekend. The doughnuts supposed to make getting a perfect, thick bun easy peasy which I hope is the case for me!

I have my boyfriend's footy presentation night on Friday and I'm thinking I'd like to do a side bun using the doughnut.

Has anyone used one before? Tips and tricks?

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26-09-11, 12:21 PM

  • Yep, I have before because my hair is really thick and really hard to bun nicely...Um, I'd practice a fair bit before the event, they can take a bit of getting used to! :)

    Not many other tips or tricks, they do work pretty well...they tend to 'hold' my hair really well, but if you want some extra security then maybe spritz on a bit of hairspray to add shine! :)

    CoconalMaster Fan

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    26-09-11, 12:52 PM

  • I have two donuts - one large and one small. They are quite easy to use and it looks great. I usually either secure it with bobby pins or a second hair tie. Hairspray is a must of course.

    It is a good idea to take into your face shape when you think of where you want to place the donut on your head, for me it works best when the pony tail is high, for others they might want to have it on top of their head (like Hilary Duff at her wedding) or closer to the neck.

    If you check out this link Paula Joye and her hairdresser shows how easily it can be done:

    Good luck Emma:)

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    26-09-11, 02:59 PM

  • Wowsers - need to get me one of these!


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    26-09-11, 04:12 PM

  • I tried to make one myself out of a sock... didn't have quite the same effect and now i have one odd sock =(


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    26-09-11, 07:42 PM

  • Thanks guys, yep definetly going to practice with it! I'm quite un-co when it comes to hair, I struggle with my curling iron! but hopefully, with some help from my sister maybe if I need her, I'll be able to sort this thing out. I'll definetly play around with placement to. I'm a little concerned that the doughnut I have might be too small, I don't want a ballerina bun, I want a large bun, but we'll see what happens, I can always go get a bigger one!

    Emma-1303093844Master Fan

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    26-09-11, 09:02 PM

  • Where abouts did you get it from and how much was it?


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    26-09-11, 11:41 PM

  • I saw a video on You Tube ages ago of this girl who made her own out of a single black sock, which she cut the end off and rolled the sock into the shape of a large hair elastic. Then she put it about 3/4 of the way to the end of her hair and rolled the sock upwards, tucking in her hair also as she went. The result was a big, voluminous-looking bun (it looked like it was all her hair). Thing was...her purpose for doing this wasn't to get a gorgeous looking bun but to get some gorgeous looking waves in her hair. She did her hair while it was slightly damp, then sleep in it, the next morning she'd just unroll the sock and her hair would have these amazing big waves, it looked so good.

    nita01Master Fan

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    27-09-11, 12:26 AM

  • @kendallwhite I got mine at Hairhouse Warehouse but I know Price Attack has them to :) And it was 14.95

    Emma-1303093844Master Fan

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    27-09-11, 10:31 AM

  • Emma, tell me about's hard to manage hair sometimes especially when it's thick and long as you can't see the back of your own head!

    Becca, that post was awesome, thanks for sharing.

    Kendallwhite, I think you can find them online at a slightly cheaper rate too, but then there might be shipping costs involved. I know also carries them and it's the same brand used in Becca's post!

    CoconalMaster Fan

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    27-09-11, 10:50 AM

  • You're welcome, I adore Paula Joye. Just wish I had access to a MorroccanOil hair stylist too.

    I got both mine from Price Attack:) They give great advice as well so I certainly recommend stopping by.

    BeccaMaster Fan

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    27-09-11, 11:09 AM

  • i had this same thought a few weeks ago -i had to find one of these donuts and try them out after one of the girls on the Block tv show had a nice ballerina bun during the final show!

    after searching for ages for one i got a medium sized one for about $16.00 -but I find it hard to get a really neat bun out of it, mine are very messy and have little tales sticking out of the edges!!

    any hair shop will have them -but price attack was quite expensive for them, i think i saw the same one i got for $25 or so!

    Louise-1295043242Master Fan

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    27-09-11, 11:57 AM

  • Ooooh, pretty, I'm getting one of these.


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    28-09-11, 01:02 PM

  • they are sooo easy for a quick 'up' do for a formal event!

    Louise-1295043242Master Fan

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    28-09-11, 04:58 PM

  • How do you do it Louise? I feel so un-co I'm struggling with it lol will definetly be calling on my sister for help...

    Emma-1303093844Master Fan

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    29-09-11, 12:49 PM

  • @nita01 - was the YouTuber named Loepsie? I love her! Check out her sock bun video:

    It's kinda hard to do if your hair is layered though.

    soMuchPrettyMaster Fan

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    29-09-11, 02:27 PM

  • have a look at the you tube (my instructions on the pack were in German!) but i just put it around a ponytail, wrapped the ends of the ponytail around it and tucked them under with bobby pins (i imagine those widers hair pins you get a hairstylists would be good for this bun) -again though, mine have often ended up very messy! (which is also a cute look too)...

    i remember one scene of a SATC movie where Carrie Bradshaw had her hair done up like this... great pic of it (can't remember which scene it was in though!) :)

    Louise-1295043242Master Fan

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    29-09-11, 03:51 PM

  • Yeah, it's definitely a cute look...mine always end up messy because my hair is layered! Unfortunately I don't have the technical know how to form a completely sleek, tucked away bun!

    CoconalMaster Fan

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    29-09-11, 05:21 PM

  • Yeah SoMuchPretty, it was Loepsie. She was really good.

    nita01Master Fan

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    30-09-11, 02:54 PM

  • Hey guys- I made my own- I find it holds better and my hair covers the donut better - I blogged about it here- I love it , so easy !

    Julie WakelyMaster Fan

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    30-09-11, 03:02 PM