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How to: Wear a Short, Shaggy Fringe

Thu, 15 November 2012 3:39PM

At the recent Lisa Ho show, models hit the catwalk in gorgeous gowns – naturally – but our eyes were most focused on the fabulous fringes.

Image: courtesy ghd

Leading celebrity and editorial hairstylist Alan White, working for ghd, was the man behind the manes.

While it looked amazing on the runway, what about in real life?

“Well, it is a little tough and hard-hitting,” Alan admits, “but now it the time for edgy beauty. If you ever wanted to try a shorter style of bangs, now is it.”

Alan adds that a short, shaggy fringe adds a cool touch to even the nicest, well-conditioned head of hair. Not to mention outfit. “Lisa’s clothes are so pretty, and sometimes it’s good to add a little bit of grunge, or an undone element, to an overall polished look. It’s a really modern approach.”

Okay, so we’re a little sold. What next? Will it actually suit us?

“Well … it works better on some girls than on others,” says Alan, a little apologetically. “If you have a normal oval style of face, you’ll be fine. If your face is round, you can do it, but just go a little longer at the edges to slim your face down. But if you have a really long face, this isn’t the fringe for you – because you’re best off with a longer style of fringe that will close you in a little.”

So, think you might be ready for the chop? Alan advises asking your hairdresser for longer layers around the face, which will help to soften any harshness that a shorter fringe might give off. He also suggests making an appointment with a brow specialist, as a shorter fringe draws attention to your arches. “Fine brows play up the edgy look,” he notes, “but a naturally shaped brow is probably more wearable.”

As for styling, don’t! Well, not too much. “This type of fringe must be downplayed,” says Alan. “Whatever you do, don’t get the round brush underneath as you dry it, as this will make it pop out. Just let hair air-dry naturally, use your fingers to groom it into the direction you want, and finish it with a ghd Classic Styler ($269, selected salons) to tuck ends under towards your face. And that’s about it.”

Pssst … want to know a secret? The Lisa Ho models were actually wearing clip-on fringes, which Alan says are perfectly wearable in day-to-day life, too. Look out for faux fringes on Alan White Anthology soon. From here, simply make an appointment with your hairdresser, and ask him or her to cut your fringe and teach you how to best wear it. Just make sure you get an exact colour match. Otherwise the game will be up.

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  • Posted by: daylight dancer Master Fan // Fri, 16 November 2012 03:56pm

    I love his tips on what do do with the rest of your hair and brows if your aiming for a short fringe, but i know a short fringe wouldnt suit me.
    Ive never heard of a clip on fringe before, but im highly interested. This way you can style with a fringe one day and the next not. Very interesting….:)

  • Posted by: p3charmed Master Fan // Mon, 19 November 2012 01:08pm

    love it, but i’ve learned my lesson with fringes, as soon as i have them cut, i want to grow it out straight away.looks really good though :)

  • Posted by: lolo Master Fan // Mon, 19 November 2012 01:58pm

    I sooo sooo soo want a fringe! but I have naturally wavy/curly hair and I just think it will be so hard to manage :( I can only dream..

  • Posted by: loopylexy Master Fan // Wed, 28 November 2012 05:58pm

    A fake fringe?! YESSSS! I won’t have to deal with my curly hair not being fringey!

  • Posted by: Tina-1291133452 Master Fan // Tue, 4 December 2012 06:07pm

    i love fringes in the colder months, but in summer it just sticks to my forehead lol. love the sound of the clip on one!!

  • Posted by: jo77 Master Fan // Sun, 7 April 2013 08:58pm

    Nope, never, I’m having some terrible flash backs to when I was young and I did this to myself

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