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  • The Fridge Files #007: Lorna Jane Clarkson

    Wed, 25 June 2014 2:00PM

    There’s a reason Lorna Jane Clarkson looks so healthy. She works at it. As the founder of one Australia’s leading activewear brands, Lorna Jane, Clarkson has tirelessly dedicated the past 25 years to living her dreams and inspiring women to be the very best version of themselves. Her latest venture is a cookbook, aptly titled NOURISH: The Fit… more

    Health & Fitness


  • Nail Art Superstars Of Instagram

    Tue, 24 June 2014 11:30AM

  • How To: Really, Truly Get Glowing This Winter PART 1

    Mon, 23 June 2014 4:00PM

    It’s a fact: one of the biggest skin concerns of Australian women is dullness. But that radiant, Gisele-esque glow we all covet as much as a date with George or Ryan (tough choice: Gosling or Reynolds?) or Zac seems almost impossible to achieve. Especially in winter when your skin is zapped of moisture and looking… more

    Makeup / How To / Skincare / How To

    "Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

  • Tried and Tested: Eyebrow Extensions

    Mon, 23 June 2014 2:00PM

    Full, fluffy facial caterpillars not only frame your face and accentuate your best features, but they also take years off your mug too. And while we can’t all be born with a set as ridiculously perfect as Cara Delevingne’s, at least you know there are approximately 7392 products out there that can dramatically enhance what… more



  • 50 Shades Of Grey (Hair That Is)

    Mon, 23 June 2014 11:30AM

    Do you have one? Maybe two? Possibly six, all planted in the most visible place possible, allowing others to clock them at 100 paces or even from outer space? Me too. But thankfully at this point in time, my mirror and myself are the only ones privy to this salty serve that peppers my regrowth. Why am… more



  • Adriana Lima Spills Her Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

    Fri, 20 June 2014 10:20AM

    When you think bombshell beauty, you think Adriana Lima. Her pouty lips, smouldering eyes, glowing skin and ridiculously toned bod have made her one of the most famous Victoria’s Secret angels of all time, and she’s fronted countless fashion and beauty campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world including Maybelline New York,… more

    Health & Fitness / Makeup / Skincare


  • Lipstick: How Dark Do You Dare?

    Thu, 19 June 2014 8:52AM

    Fashion is a funny thing. A new shoe or shoulder look hits the runway, and we all chuckle and think, “As if!” And then, over time, after a few brave fashion-loving celebrities – and a Kardashian or two – have been snapped trying the new shape or style on for size, our eyes start to… more



  • How To: Personalise Your Perfume Intensity

    Thu, 19 June 2014 8:30AM

    You might have worked out your perfume personality – perhaps you adore full-bloom florals, or smouldering, spicy orientals or mouth-wateringly delicious gourmands. But that’s just one half of the story when it comes to wearing fragrance well. It’s also about knowing your style of scent strength. Are you the woman who wants her fragrance to walk… more

    Body & Fragrance / How To


  • 10 Ways To Combat Scaly Winter Skin

    Wed, 18 June 2014 2:05PM

    Winter can be brutal on our skin. The cold wind and low humidity levels zap away moisture, while scalding hot showers irritate and disrupt the skin’s natural protective barrier. The result? I’ll let Bridget Jones sum it up for you: “Underneath our clothes, our entire bodies are covered in scales.”   Bridget Jones…I mean Renée Zellweger Here, 10… more

    Body & Fragrance / Skincare


  • 10 Deliciously Dark Lipsticks To Wear Right Now

    Tue, 17 June 2014 4:15PM

    Winter’s good for three things: sleeping in, carbs, and devilishly dark and decadent lip colour. There’s something transformative about rich berry and merlot shades of lippie; they turn even the sweetest of ladies into sexy temptresses. Just ask Lily Collins: Here are 10 of our favourite moody hues your pout will appreciate this winter… 1) Estée Lauder… more



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