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  • How To: Wear Bronzer in Winter

    Mon, 16 June 2014 11:30AM

    You might automatically reach for your bronzing powder when the mercury is soaring, to play up your summer glow, but dusting on bronzer in the chilly depths of winter makes a lot of sense, too. That’s because it’s such an easy and effective way to warm up a pale (and perhaps pasty) face. Not to mention imbue… more

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  • Ode to Tuberose: The Secret to a Seductive Scent

    Wed, 11 June 2014 8:30AM

    If you’ve ever sniffed a perfume and gone all weak at the knees, chances are it contains tuberose. This white night-loving bloom, often referred to as the queen of flowers, is what tends to give a fragrance a rich and creamy feel. Tuberose also has a sexy-warm-skin thing going on, which is why some fragrance types… more

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  • New York A/W ’13: One Karlie Kloss, Four Makeup Looks

    Fri, 15 February 2013 12:57PM

    New York Fashion Week is drawing to a close as we speak (or, uh, blog), and boy did Karlie Kloss take it out in style, ripping up the runways at four major shows. And because we’re prone to a bit of Karlie worship here at PRIMPED (she can dance*! she can bake cookies**!), I thought I’d… more



  • New York S/S ’13: The Upper Wedge – Eyeliner Looks at Michael Kors, Altuzarra and Holmes & Yang

    Thu, 13 September 2012 11:22AM

    Eyeliner is the Little Black Dress of makeup. An essential for every beauty wardrobe. But there are many types of LBDs. Some are more flattering than others. Some are a bit fashion-forward. And some are simply a little scary. For example, I love a long flowing 1970s variety; my better half, however, would probably prefer me… more



  • How to: Revive your Hair this Autumn

    Tue, 24 April 2012 2:29PM

    I know what you did last summer. So did I. It involved an often laissez-faire attitude to hat wearing and even less attention paid to UV hair styling products. Yep, my follicles are pretty fried. And seeing as I now want them to look lush and rich in time for winter, well, my chances of that… more

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  • A/W ’12: Our Favourite Catwalk Makeup Looks

    Mon, 12 March 2012 5:09PM

    Introducing our top must-try makeup trends, hot off the runway!

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    Roberto Cavalli

  • Try Something New Tuesday: Bronzer makes red lipstick very sexy and summery

    Tue, 1 November 2011 4:35PM

    It’s a very easy look to achieve, this one. You just have to get your head out of the ‘if I wear bronzer then I must wear a nude/pink lip’ head space. As you can see, a luscious big glossy red lip is actually rather fetching with a lovely bronzed face (and body.) Just keep… more



  • The ultimate beach hairstyle. And by ultimate, we mean equally as practical as it is pretty.

    Fri, 23 September 2011 1:24PM

    The weather right now is officially off the charts. In Sydney today, it’s a cracking 28 degrees, so to celebrate its fabulousness, I present to you one incredibly simple, effortless-looking hairstyle that will have the beach and drinks with the girls on Saturday night sorted. Say hi to the textured centre part and messy pony-slash-bun as seen… more


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  • Are you territorial with your perfume? You can admit it here. This is a safe place.

    Wed, 13 April 2011 11:46AM

    Have you ever hidden your perfume from a girlfriend when she’s getting ready at your place so that you won’t smell the same, or pretended you didn’t have any on you when someone asks if you do, or been coy about what you’re wearing when asked so as to avoid copycatism? You have?? 1.     SHAME ON YOU,… more

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  • S/S ’11 Let’s all do Michael Kors’ knotted low ponies and long messy fringes. Come on.

    Fri, 17 September 2010 2:02PM

    It’ll be fun! And after Alexander Wang did those long messy fringes and plaits coming down over one shoulder, and we all did too, I know you’re not adverse to a bit of fancy work down low, and messy, tousled fringes up top. (And nor should you be! These “do’s” are the most easy to… more



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